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Osprey RC Club is one of South Florida's premier RC Clubs. We are located behind Homestead Miami Speedway. Our club is open to all kinds of aircraft from micro electric to turbine powered jets. We also offer flying areas for rotary aircraft such as helicopters and multi copters. We at Osprey promote a family friendly environment and always welcome kids to come out and see the beautiful aircraft on display or in the air.

Welcome New Member

The Osprey RC Club would like to welcome the following new members who have joined. These supporters have joined the Osprey RC Club between May 12, 2012 to October 20, 2013.

Remberto Milian
Tony Schroeder
Harold Carvajal
Hedwing Zabala
Wilfredo Sotolong
Ray Brown
Robert Cott
Shane Chavez
Reinaldo Rojas
Jose Aponte
Johann Balaguer
Gabriel Tahhan
Carlos Munoz
Jorge Miranda
James Craig Hartzell
Juan Barturen
Jason Ramos

Jeff West
Scotty West
Alfredo MacDonald
Ricardo Fernandez
Michael Perdomo
Jorge Cabellero
Armando Escoto
Bruslee Suarez
Dimitri Kotelnikov
Carlos Villreal
Richard Wortman
Daniel Diters
Roy Alonso
Roudy Teudi
Wilson Ludlow
Marty Ivins
Alex Gonzalez

Keith Saulding
John Hardison
Milton Tinoco
Yero Yendes
Albert Ramos
Johnson Thelemque
Daniel Molina
George Williams
Thomas Olbe
Tony Weadow
Nkosi X Jackman
Alexander Fernandez
David Williams
Guy Grogory
Rick Lamb
Sam Tomassi
Thelwell Jermaine

Angel Figueroa
Giovanni Corlito
Humberto Nunez
John Griffith
Scott Richardson
Terry Burtschin
Stephen Burtschin
Doug Davidson
Frank Martinez
Ricky Martinez

Thank you all for joining and welcome to the Osprey Family.

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